• A healthier life with ancient grains

    Ancient grains like Einkorn and Emmer are brought back to life in different cities in Turkey. Einkorn with its 2n cromozomes has less gluten than its distance relative marketed today allover the world. Einkorn may even be tolerated by people with gluten sensitivities.

  • Glutenfree with Quinoa

    Quinoa’s popularity continues to grow with quinoa flakes and quinoa flour. Now quinoa is also produced locally in Turkey in several cities. With a total annual produce of 4000 tons, we are able to provide fine quality quinoa right from the border of Europe.

Where the grains meet the market

Quinoa produced in Turkey

Quinoa production has been on the test run for the past year and it has reached its final destination. This year alone a total of 5000 tons of quinoa will have been grown by the end of August.

Ancient grains

Emmer is a hulled wheat. This term is used to define three cultivated wheat species: einkorn (Triticum monococcum), emmer (Triticum dicoccon), and spelt (Triticum spelta), the kernel of which retains its hull during harvest.

Health before else

With increasing autoimune disorders, it has never been as important to consume healthier food products. As MG Marketing we have dedicated our resources to provide glutenfree and healthy grain alternatives.

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